The National Council of Women Leaders is a national body working across India uniting women and trans-women leaders from marginalised communities such as Tribal, Dalit, Muslim and sex workers with varying qualities and capacities.

Aims of the Council:

  • To create a network imbibing values of collective leadership, democratic and transparent decision making processes.
  • We want right people with the right understanding and ability to accommodate each other.
  • No matter what they stand for, each member will be given equal importance and respect in the network.


  1. To give visibility and highlight the work of grassroots women leaders and to learn from each other.
  2. To give a platform to the women leaders where they can have their own identities, a voice and can boldly represent want they stand for.
  3. To show collective solidarity amongst the women from marginalised communities.
  4. To collaborate and build solidarities with other marginalised women leaders in South Asia and globally.